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A celebration to bring the mountain summer to a close

A colourful parade back down to the valley

Traditional transhumance celebrations

When the colourfully decorated cows parade through the village, it’s time to celebrate.

St. Anton is a popular destination for skiing in the Arlberg region, but offers a whole host of experiences in autumn, too.

In mid-September, when the leaves begin to change colour and the nights gradually grow cooler, it’s time for the cows, goats, and sheep to return from the pastures to the valley. The animals parade through the villages decorated with flowers and colourful ribbons. The head decoration not only looks pretty, but also has an important meaning. The cows only wear it if no people or animals had serious accidents during their summer on the pasture.

The transhumance is always celebrated in style. The locals set up tables and chairs in the village squares, serve hearty meals, and raise toasts with freshly tapped beer or a glass of wine. And of course, it wouldn’t be the same without some live music. A classical village festival that’s rich in tradition and celebrates life in all its vibrant facets.

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