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Das Hotel am Arlberg – das Arpuria

Arpuria – your hotel on Arlberg

Your hidden luxury mountain home awaits you.

What’s most important to you while travelling? Wonderful surroundings? Fantastic food? Lots of sports options? A luxurious spa area? You’re absolutely right. And the most important thing of all: an unbelievably comfy bed in a peaceful atmosphere so that your body, mind, and soul can unwind. Where can you find that? At any old hotel on Arlberg? No.

You’ll find it at Arpuria.

Your hidden luxury mountain home – your oasis.

Das Hotel am Arlberg – das Arpuria

As precious as … a good night’s sleep.

Drift off.

In Greek mythology, Hypnos, the god of sleep, was responsible for night-time rest. The Ancient Greeks knew that we not only recuperate while we sleep, but also process and learn from the day’s impressions. So, when you snuggle up in bed at your hotel on Arlberg after a day full of experiences, you’ll need all this for a good night’s rest:

  • A comfortable, large box-spring bed
  • The finest sheets and bed linen made of 100% cotton
  • A wonderful view of the surrounding area

Basically: You need a suite at your hidden luxury mountain home Arpuria!

Any old hotel on Arlberg? Never.

You’re searching for a hotel on Arlberg that meets your highest standards. You want discreet luxury, a pleasant atmosphere, and exceptional service. You’re longing for soft colours, natural materials, and the best ingredients from breakfast to dinner. At Arpuria, you’ll find all that. And more.

Das Hotel am Arlberg – das Arpuria

Hidden amidst the mountains

Arpuria is no classic chalet in St. Anton am Arlberg. For us, it’s our beloved project that we know will steal your heart, too. We’ve used materials that create the rustic vibe of a lodge on Arlberg. Would you like to see Arpuria? Fantastic! Welcome to our hotel on Arlberg!

Luxury means: paying attention to every little detail.

Welcome to your hidden luxury mountain home.

Das Hotel am Arlberg – das Arpuria

Hidden luxury

Elegant, understated, fine materials, earthy tones, clear lines, timeless design, and no frills – that was important to us when furnishing the rooms and suites at Arpuria. Let us know if we’ve succeeded.

The most beautiful place in St. Anton?

Arpuria will become your favourite hotel in St. Anton – we’re sure of it. Why? Because it’s a place where natural indulgence is combined with all the services of a wellness hotel. St. Anton’s most beautiful spot awaits. Are you ready to experience it?

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