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A hotel in St. Anton. Just any hotel? No.

Discover Arpuria – your hotel in St. Anton

Exclusive. Charming.

You came across Arpuria while looking for a holiday hideaway. What are we? A hotel in St. Anton. What aren’t we? Just any hotel. Arpuria is your hidden luxury mountain home. Your home away from home in the Tyrolean Alps. Where luxury and comfort come together. Where warm hospitality meets charming Tyrolean humour.
Where you’ll fall in love. With the mountains, the nature, the surroundings.
St. Anton am Arlberg will beguile you.
Arpuria will enchant you.

A hotel in St. Anton. Just any hotel? No.

Holidays near Arlberg:

Austria’s most beautiful mountain area says hello!

Laid-back luxury holidays near Arlberg – that’s exactly what you’ll find at Arpuria. With no limitations, no schedules, no musts. You’ll have time and space for yourself and your loved ones.

Awaken wonderfully refreshed? That goes without saying in the Arpuria suites and rooms.

Indulge in culinary delights? Of course – from breakfast to your à la carte dinner.

Have the time of your life in the great outdoors? Your hotel in St. Anton is the perfect place.

A hotel in St. Anton. Just any hotel? No.

Winter? Summer? Whenever!

We’re sure you know that St. Anton is the birthplace of Alpine skiing. But did you also know that it’s not just ski holidays on Arlberg – at Hotel Arpuria – that are a whole lot of fun, but that summer is also enchantingly beautiful? You’ll find your individual offer here – whichever season you prefer.

Holiday mode? On. -  Everyday routine? Off. 

Holiday mode? On. -  Everyday routine? Off. 

A hotel in St. Anton. Just any hotel? No.

Your hosts

Arpuria hidden luxury mountain home grew from a vision. Christoph and Barbara Fahrner worked to redevelop traditional Hotel Fahrner in St. Anton. Having the pleasure of welcoming you at Arpuria today is a precious dream come true. We – the Arpuria team – are here for you. So that your holiday is filled with precious moments. And so that you feel one thing above all: pure joy at the most wonderful hotel in St. Anton.

We’re so happy to have you here!

Hospitality means taking care of our guests’ happiness.

Acting today with a thought for tomorrow

In the Alps, sustainability is more than just a fancy word. For us, it means safeguarding our children’s future. We’re taking steps to do that today. Because we believe that every little step in the right direction has a big impact. And we’re delighted when our guests take these steps with us.

Arpuria sustainability points

  • Plastic, no thanks.
  • Paper is precious, which is why we prefer digital solutions.
  • Regionality rules! The best products come from our region. And you’ll taste it!
  • At Arpuria, electricity comes from local suppliers. 100% hydropower – guaranteed.
  • That goes for our e-charging stations, too.
  • Choose green: In your Arpuria suite or room, you can make sustainable choices. You’ll find more information in your room. Thank you for playing your part!

Why Arpuria?

At our hotel on Arlberg, you can look forward to an exciting, refreshing, inspiring, relaxing, cosy getaway – just the way you like it. After all, Arpuria isn’t just any wellness hotel in St. Anton, it’s your hidden luxury mountain home!

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