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Our favourite time of year: the ski season

It’s finally time to ski again!

The start of the season at Ski Arlberg ski resort

White slopes, rosy-red cheeks, and sparkling eyes: The ski season is about to begin at Austria’s most beautiful skiing paradise.

It’s that wonderful time again: Your favourite season is about to begin, because the Ski Arlberg ski resort is opening its slopes on 1 December. Can you already hear the snow crunching under your skis? Feel the winter sun on your skin? See your goal at the end of the slope? Smell the hot chocolate? Are you giddy with anticipation?

Skiing at Arlberg ski resort is an amazing experience for winter sports fans in one of the most beautiful areas in the Alps. The ski resort impresses with a wide variety of slopes. From child-friendly to world-championship quality, there’s something for everyone here. There’s a good reason why the ski resort was the test winner in the categories “five-star ski resort” and “experts and free-riders” in 2023.

After an exciting day on the slopes, you can relax in the Arpuria Spa of our wellness hotel. Unwind tired muscles in one of our several saunas or float in the Arpuria pool and savour feeling buoyant and free. In the evening, you can enjoy refined cuisine and sublime wines at Arpuria restaurant.

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