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Following the Schnanner river

The primal power of water

Hiking through a natural spectacle

Hike along the Schnanner river and experience the captivating natural world up close.

Experience the natural beauty and phenomenal power of water just 10 minutes away from our Hotel Arpuria – which is also an ideal place to stay when you visit Austria for your ski holidays, by the way – in the awe-inspiring Schnanner gorge. Over the millennia, the Schnanner river above the village of Schnann near St. Anton has carved its way through the solid rock. Today, the water thunders over steep cliffs and two mighty rock walls down into the deep. During a hike, you’ll have the opportunity to see this natural spectacle up close and feel the power of nature. A well-constructed path along the imposing rock faces, some sections of which are equipped with ropes, leads you directly past the roaring wild river and the waterfalls. To experience this natural wonder, good footwear and surefootedness are a must. Immerse yourself in the majestic natural world and let its stunning beauty enchant you.

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