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For more mobility and flexibility

Massage of the month

Feeling good is a precious thing.

Experience a new feeling of flexibility – with the myofascial release treatment.

At our wellness hotel in Tyrol, which is also the ideal base for accessing the Arlberg ski resorts, you’ll find a rich range of soothing massages and nourishing treatments. Today, we’d like to introduce you to the myofascial release treatment.

The myofascial release treatment is a physiotherapy technique that is aimed at releasing tension and adhesions in the muscles and connective tissues (fascia). Our experienced massage therapists place targeted pressure on affected muscles and fascia – sometimes gently, sometimes energetically. This allows them to stretch specific tissues and release tension. The treatment is individually adapted to your body and needs.

When you get up off the massage bed, you’ll feel as fresh as a daisy and as good as new. Stretch your limbs and savour the sensation of new mobility and flexibility. Chronic pain due to muscular tension has faded away. You feel light and sprightly. Best of all, the effects of this massage are long-lasting.

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